Bariatric surgeries can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. You’ll have a healthy body with healthy organs and a healthy lifestyle, well, the last one is the key. But if you are committed to making this decision count, you’ll have to consider a few changes to begin with. One such change is not drinking alcohol.

Immediately After A Surgery, Say Absolute NO To Alcohol

It is important to realize that a surgery changes your body systems and not just your stomach. Some surgeries involve altering your intestines as well such as the gastric bypass and duodenal switch. All these changes need time to heal and recover completely and drinking alcohol can hinder the recovery speed. Although bariatric procedures do not mean that you can’t drink again but it’s actually better to stay away from it. Even if they want to consume alcohol, they should stick to fewer drinks or drinks with lower alcohol content.

Potential Risks Of Alcohol After Bariatric Surgeries

Despite the type of the surgery, there will always be serious health risks associated with alcohol.

Alcohol Is A Diuretic

In simple words, it makes you urinate more. On the other hand, after a bariatric surgery, you must be careful about staying hydrated all the time. Doctors suggest more fluid intake to keep the hydration levels steady but drinking alcohol would defeat the purpose entirely.

Alcohol Can Irritate Your Stomach Lining

After a weight loss surgery, your stomach gets more sensitive. When you consume alcohol, it can cause irritation to your stomach lining and the little amount of food can worsen it even more.

Alcohol Is Addictive

For some people, drinking is an occasional retreat, for others, it could easily turn into an addiction. If you believe that you can’t keep it under control, it’s best to not start drinking at all. You can’t ruin your weight loss efforts due to your addiction.

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