Once you have undergone bariatric surgery, you normally expect to lose weight gradually and consistently. Of course, weight loss is the top reason why people choose weight loss surgery.

But another pretty common thing is hitting a weight loss plateau. It’s all well until you stop seeing that downward curve in your weight. However, a weight-loss stall is not that uncommon.

Hitting a weight loss plateau could be different for different people. Some might hit it earlier like within a month or two, for others, it could happen after a year.

Don’t Think of Bariatric Surgery As A Miracle

First of all, you must have a realistic and factual understanding of bariatric surgery. Even after losing excess fat through a weight loss surgery, you can’t reach your weight loss goals without putting in constant effort after surgery, neither can you maintain your weight without making lifestyle changes.

Bariatric Surgery Affects Muscles Too!

Weight loss in a bariatric surgery doesn’t only mean that you lost fat, muscles are burned too. And by losing muscle, you can also experience changes in your metabolic rate. Now, this means that your body will need few calories and the weight loss process will also slow down. This phenomenon can seem like a weight loss plateau.

Reconfiguration Of Metabolism

Your body goes through a drastic change after bariatric surgery. Moreover, when you make changes in your habits and lifestyle, your metabolism goes into an absolute overhaul. This reconfiguration also slows down your weight loss progress.

How To Get Things Back In Motion?

Overcoming a bariatric stall may seem like a complicated and tiring task but it starts with a few basic changes.

Track Your Calories

Keeping track of your food consumption is pivotal. If your doctor has provided you with a diet chart, make sure you follow it. At Houston Weight Loss, we offer meal planners for our patients post-op. Our nutritionists can create customized diet plans for you in alignment with your future weight loss goals.

Alter Your Exercise Routine

Your body is designed to adapt to new settings quickly so if you have been following a similar exercise routine, chances are, your metabolism has adjusted. To ensure a faster metabolism, try to incorporate new exercises into your routine. Don’t skip strength training and high-intensity workouts as they are far more effective in helping weight loss than other forms.

Stress And Sleep Management

Stress is inevitable but giving in to stress is NOT. Remember, most people start stress-eating and it becomes uncontrollable for them. This is why you should find ways to stay positive.

Apart from that, your sleeping habits are also huge determinants of your health. Lack of sleep can cause more cravings and your weight loss progress can go south quite easily.

If you have been facing difficulties like the ones mentioned above, try our suggested tips. In case, you need more guidance, feel free to book our free bariatric consultation by clicking on our contact us page. Our experts are always available for your assistance.

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