Gaining weight over the holidays?

The holiday season is the best time of the year. Spending time with your family and friends, traveling, parties, it’s just a wonderful experience. Holidays are also known for one other element, food. Traditional cuisines, favorite recipes, rich meals, it’s all just so mouth-watering. However, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain it, this could also be a time of stress and anxiety for you. Having so many choices around, you can get tempted and fall off the wagon quite easily. Luckily, we have found some useful tips for you to stay on track without sacrificing your favorite dishes.

Stay Regular With Your Daily Meals

Never skip breakfast because you want to have a blast at dinner. Always eat your breakfast and lunch and focus more on vegetables and fruits instead of carbs. By staying consistent with your old habits, you won’t overcompensate or consume more than usual.

Go Easy On Liquid Calories

Calories in soda, juices, flavored beverages, alcoholic drinks, and coffee with added sugar, are more than you think. This is why it is a bad idea to fill up on liquids.

Eat Mindfully

You may find many tempting dishes during the holiday season; it is not necessary to eat everything. There will always be a next time and you can keep enjoying more and more meals ahead. Think about the delicacies you want to try and also about the ones you can have later.

Another important aspect that we all tend to forget at such instances is that some of the dishes have ingredients that can have adverse effects on our health, especially if you have diabetes, high BP, or any other health issues.

It’s Not Impolite To Say No

The pressure to try everything can seem overwhelming, however, you don’t have to give in every time. If you don’t feel like trying that excessively fried chicken or the rich creamy pasta, there’s nothing bad in it. You are putting your health above everything and that’s something you should be proud of.

Stay On The Move

Movement is the key to a healthy life and this applies to all situations. If you go for a walk daily, follow your routine during the holidays too. Even if you can’t go to the park every day, find other ways to make up for your usual physical activity.

For those who exercise, don’t just stop doing it during these cozy days. Take a day or two off and find your way back to your original schedule.

It’s Okay To Give In To Your Cravings

While moderation is the first condition, you can always indulge a little. Remember, eating a banana split won’t make you gain pounds overnight but you surely must get back to your routine the very next day or a couple of days after. Don’t feel guilty for living and eating. That’s all part of life.

Focus On Your Long Term Goals

It is crucial to stay focused on your long-term goals. Changes that come quickly can go quickly too. However, changes that take time are permanent and are often the result of our lifestyle changes.

Talk To Your Doctor

If you have had a hard time shedding those pounds off or you underwent bariatric surgery, you must consult with your doctor for meal planning. Since your stomach is not the same as before, you must adapt to a lifestyle that goes well with your internal changes and eating is the most integral part.

At Houston Weight Loss, we offer excellent post-bariatric care including meal planning, exercise, and lifestyle guidance.

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