Sun, fun and cocktails, summers bring so much fun into our monotonous life. But where they tell you to avoid UV rays, we have a healthy and nutritious reminder for you. Don’t miss these powerhouses of energy and antioxidants because they can give you benefits of all the essentials minerals and vitamins.


A Bowl of Cherries: Health Benefits | Garden of Life

These are absolutely delicious. With their anti-inflammatory properties, cherries are extremely helpful for joint pains. Rich in vitamins, these are the best snacks you could ask for. They are bite-sized, can be added in salads, and most importantly, you can find them fresh at your local farmer’s market at a very cheap price. So, this summer, don’t forget to munch on these scarlet gummies.

Swiss Chard

Barese, Swiss Chard Seeds - Urban Farmer Seeds

Remember how you always heard about eating your greens, well this green also has a hint of purple and yellow in it, meaning it has double the potency of goodness in it. The phytonutrients found in Swiss Chard can help in improving your body functions and putting them back on track. Not only are they minerals enriched, you can enjoy these leaves in your sandwiches, salads or you can even saute them and add them into your daily meals.


Avocado 101 - Benefits, Types, and Nutrition - Jessica Gavin

You might think that avocados are way too overrated but the truth is, loaded with proteins, minerals and fibers, avocados are a real delight for anyone looking to switch to a healthy diet. Pro Tip: if you are thinking about shedding some pounds, try replacing mayonnaise with avocado paste. Just mash it up, add some lime, some pepper and your sandwiches will never taste the same again. And they are abundantly available too, so go buy them.


How to Cook Corn on the Cob (6 Ways!) - Jessica Gavin

Who doesn’t love corn? But summers are special because you can get fresh corn during all summer. And with corn, the options are always unlimited, add them in your soups, salads, pasta or maybe just steam them, drizzle some lemon juice and pepper and enjoy them. Fresh corn is available at farmer’s market, and grocery stores all summer round.


The Health Benefits of Peaches, Plus Peach Calories and Nutrition ...

If there’s one fruit that comes to your mind after hearing the word summer, it’s peach. The juicy fruit with its irresistible taste is jampacked with potassium which is great for digestion improvement. Moreover, peaches contain minerals, vitamin C and fiber which enables our body to function optimally, it’s great for your skin too. And the good news is, peaches are everywhere in the market and will last a couple months more so go grab that ridiculously delicious fruit today!

If you have just undergone a bariatric procedure or trying to make lifestyle changes in your life before getting ready for one. These foods are not worth missing. Not only will they help you get nutrients, they will also keep you from eating sugary and processed foods. If you are looking for a meal plan after your bariatric procedure, our experts can help. Book your free consultation today!

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