We all would consider ourselves to be lucky if we knew the secret to lose weight and maintain it. Although you may not be one of such persons but there are groups of people who actually know the secret of staying fit because they have lived through the trick.

These people are real and they want others to seek inspiration from them. Same reason why they participated in an on going research at NWCR or National Weight Control Registry, a large scale study dedicated to successful weight loss maintenance.

The interesting part about the program is that more than 10,000 people have already signed up with the registry and have managed to keep off around 65 pounds for 5 years and the days are still being counted. So what do they consider their super tricks, let’s find out

Calories;The Lesser, The Better!

The biggest secret that these people have, is that they eat lesser calories, specifically, in comparison with fellow Americans. They stick to diet portioning no matter what and they eat good calories, such as the ones which are in fibre based fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fat.

Eat More; Lose More

Their mantra is unique but straight. They eat around 5 times in a day. This is a two way technique, keeping the hunger under control and second, accelerating the metabolism. However, they believe in healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables and Greek yogurt.

Consistent And Balanced Diet

Maintaining weight requires only one rule, being consistent. The group of people who successfully kept off the weight stick to their diet with regularity. They do treat themselves with a cheat day but they keep it only once a while kind of thing.

Breakfast Or Break Fast?

For this group, skipping breakfast is out of question. Filling up on nutrition on the start of the day keeps the hunger pangs under control through out the day. Moreover it helps them choose a better diet plan for all of the day.

Exercise Is Their Favourite

Around 90 percent of the participants at the registry indicated that they exercise for at least one hour a day. They also under that nourishment combined with exercise can help in maintaining weight loss.

But sticking to a schedule isn’t easy which is why we offer special meal planning services for our valuable patients. Our expert nutritionists make planners in accordance with your choice, lifestyle, weight loss goals etc, specifically after Bariatric surgeries.

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