Lap Band is considered a safe and popular way to achieve weight loss, although, this isn’t entirely the case with everyone. Patients with a BMI of 40 or 30 are mostly advised to go for Lap Band, in case they have a chronic condition as well. But studies suggest that 80% of the patients fail to acquire the long term desired results and if you are among them, Dr. Wadiwala and his team at Houston Weight Loss can assist you in finding the right kind of alternative.

How does Lap Band Work?

A silicone band is wrapped around the upper portion of your stomach to create an adjustable pouch within your stomach. Once your stomach size is reduced, you can’t fill in more food than a certain limit and through this band, your hunger is controlled.

Since the band is adjustable, adjustments are made until the right fit is determined. But in case infection, swelling or other complications occur or you still find yourself waiting for weight loss after the adjustments, you can always remove the band and opt for other bariatric options.

We provide Lap Band removal services at Houston Weight loss, along with free consultation on which bariatric service you should choose according to your specific situation.

What Should People With Lap Band Expect?

Lap Band® reduce the size of your stomach and subsequently your hunger, but it is up to you how you select your food type. On average, most people with a Lap Band lose around 2 pounds per week. Depending on the exercise and quality of food, the weight loss may vary.

When Is The Time To Remove lap band?

As a matter of fact, Lap Band® can stay in its adjusted place indefinitely. But if the band isn’t helping you achieve your goals, then you can always come and visit Houston Weight Loss and get it removed.

At Houston Weight Loss, we believe that before making this decision, we evaluate your diet and exercise preferences. Moreover, in our consultation services, we also educate our patients on what to expect from their next possible surgery and what measures they’d have to take in order for the procedure to be successful.

Despite all the further procedures and their implications, we also believe that there are times when Lap Band removal is the only option, and when that time comes, we suggest you make an appointment with the professionals like us. For more information, please give us a call.

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